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Ankle Strain

Ankle strain treatment information on treating an Ankle Strain...

Each year, over a million people visit the emergency room for ankle strains. These types of injuries can happen to people from all walks of life. Athletes, non-athletes, adults and children suffer from ankle injuries.

An ankle strain is caused by over extension or tearing of the muscles or tendons in the ankle. Most people obtain these injuries due to overuse or twisting the ankle in an unnatural way. Participating in sports such as basketball, football, gymnastics and many others, can cause an ankle strain by overuse of the muscles in the ankle. However, many injuries are due to ordinary events such as a fall or simply stepping wrong.

The accumulation of blood and fluids, which block circulation and blood flow, causes pain and swelling in the injured area. Localized swelling, inflammation and loss of muscle function are signs of a more severe strain. A severe strain can consist of partial or complete tearing of the muscle or tendon. These types of injuries sometimes require surgery to repair.

An ankle strain is categorized by severity of the injury ranging from Grade I, which is a mild strain, through Grade III, which is the most severe injury, with a complete tear of the muscle or tendon.

The ankle strains is usually treated by resting and elevating the injury to reduce inflammation. Ice is applied to reduce swelling and an anti-inflammatory is usually recommended. Treatment for pain and swelling requires restoring blood flow and circulation through the painful area.

Even though traditional methods are effective, there are alternative methods of healing an ankle strain that help to heal the ankle strain much quicker.

For centuries, Chinese warriors and Shaolin fighting monks have used herbal formulas to treat battlefield injuries so they could return to combat as quickly as possible. These herbal formulas are used directly on the injury to stop pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, increase blood flow and circulation, break up accumulation of fluids, and help tissues regenerate, providing quicker recovery time and overall relief. Although these herbal injury formulas are not widely known in the United States, they are currently used all over the world, and are available through Sinew Therapeutics at

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